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Best Rated Direct Payday Loan Lenders

If you are strapped for cash and your payday is still a little way off, securing a short term loan with direct lenders might be just the solution you are looking for. Whether you need help with an unexpected bill, repair job or a financial matter, direct payday loan lenders offer short term cash solutions to give you that extra financial freedom and security before your next payday arrives. You don’t need to have a shining credit rating to secure yourself a short term loan, and for most lenders the only financial authority you need is from your next paycheck.

How Do Direct Payday Loans Work?

Payday loans are designed for citizens who need a quick amount of cash to help pay for something vital before their next paycheck. The loan itself is similar to all other forms of credit, but with the differences of being short term and very fast. The loan usually needs to be repaid on the date of your next paycheck, and most online lending companies offer up to $1,500.

When applying for direct loans online, the things you need to supply are your contact information, your account and checking information and your employment details. Direct payday loans are short term, and so their annual percentage rate (APR) is higher than for normal lines of credit, though the best way to compare direct payday loans is to see how much extra you would owe per $100 borrowed. The best lending companies charge an extra $5-$25 for their easy and fast service.

One good thing about direct short term payday loans is that almost anyone has a good chance of securing one, with most direct payday loan lenders rarely ever checking their customers’ payment history. So even if you have no credit history or bad credit, there is a good chance you will be able to secure yourself a loan from direct payday loan lenders.

Another good thing for online payday loans is that applications take only a few minutes to fill in, and you will be notified instantly whether you have been approved for the money you have asked for. The decision is instant because credit checks are not being used. Once you are approved your money is likewise transferred to your account very quickly. So if you wake up one morning and realize you are in dire need of cash, you can have the money you need on that same day.

Finding the Best Lenders

To find the right lender, you need to firstly think about what you need, and compare between the top rated direct lenders to see which one fits you best. Unlike most credit, you do not achieve a better rate for borrowing less money, so the money you borrow from direct lenders should be purely based on exactly how much you need. It is important to search for direct payday loan lenders only and not brokers, because the direct payday loan lenders actually own the finance they provide you with, and brokers do not.